Photo Etching

Photo etching is the process whereby photos are laser etched or rasterized (similar to that of printing), on your select materials Laser engraver is more thancapable of efficiently processing scanned images across multiple file types for the sole purpose of laser etching or marking detailed images on almost any material surface.

Some of the more common materials that CO2 lasers can photo etch include:

  •    - ceramic
  •    - corian
  •    - glass
  •    - leather
  •    - anodized aluminum
  •    - brass
  •    - Alumamark
  •    - Cermark
  •    - plastic
  •    - acrylic
  •    - granite
  •    - marble
  •    - cherry wood
  •    - walnut
  •    - leather

Traditionally, etching photos has been hit or miss in terms of producing a quality etched image resulting in a lot of wasted material. In many cases the task has been so difficult that even engraving shops will not engrave photos for customers.

Boss Laser offers one of the most powerful tools for those interested in laser engraving photographs: PhotoGrav. It's easy, automated, and interactive and compatible with CorelDraw. The images below have been etched using PhotoGrav. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about how you can laser engrave images or photographs effectively using Boss Laser machines.

Application images are used as a visual to demontstrate the various types of materials that a CO2 laser can enrgave, etch, or cut.  Images may or may not be actual materials processed by Boss Laser.