PhotoGRAV 3.1

One of the best laser software tools for laser engraving or etching photographs effectively on all types of materials and surfaces. Version 3.1 is now available and in stock




Laser operators continue to praise this image software. specifically design engineered for laser engraving machines, PhotoGrav 3.1 (boss' latest version) offers an easy and effective tool for laser machines to process scanned photographs.


Photograv does one thing and one thing well: IMAGE PROCESSING. period.


Photograv lays out a pre-set of image parameters offering excellent results across a wide array of materials. these parameters have been optimized specifically for boss laser cutters. of course if you have a unique material that you want to process an image on - don't hesitate to call us and let us help you process a sample.


Images can be engraved across various common materials (with presets already saved within the interface) giving you the confidence that the engraved images or photos will be portrayed in good quality.


Traditionally, photograph engraving software has been of marginal quality. the process has been so difficult and time consuming, in fact, that many engraving shops simply do not offer engraved photographs as one of their products. the good news is PhotoGrav now offers powerful IMAGE tools for boss laser systems where many other general purpose design programs fall short.



Any feelings of skepticism you might have about investing in a new laser machine is completely normal! This is why BOSS LASER makes every effort to absorb as much risk as possible so you're free to make a good decision. We want to make it easy for you to prove that our laser systems are quality machines backed by quality support.

We want you as our customer to be 100% satisfied. BOSS LASER guarantees you a 30-Day Return window (beginning the date of receipt) to evaluate your purchase.

Within the thirty (30) days and for any reason you may exercise your right to return or exchange your purchase. A refund or exchange will be issued once machine has been returned and all items are accounted for. Returned items are subject to a Fifteen percent (15%) restocking fee. Due to custom modifications the FC series laser machines are subject to a twenty Five percent (25%) fee. Fume Extraction units are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Refunds can not be issued for leasing equipment due to leasing company terms. We can exchange, however.

For your convenience we advise you to keep and the original crate and packaging for possible return. Refunds exclude any shipping or handling costs for any reason. Any non-returned accessories will not be refunded. The shipping/handling fee orginally charged will be used as the basis for the non-refundable shipping fees. Please us call prior to return shipping for confirmation.


Beginning Dec 1, 2020 BOSS LASER warrants its products and parts against defects in materials or workmanship for two (2) years from the original date of receipt. This includes the power source. Focal lenses are warranted for 30 days. During this period, BOSS LASER will repair or replace defective parts including ground shipping without charge to you (International shipping not included). On site repairs are available at a reasonable cost with consideration to traveling and tech time.