Metal Laser Etching

A CO2 laser beam is not easily absorbed on specific types of metals as it tends to reflect. In fact until recently metal marking on tools, parts, and other metals was only possible by using the more expensive YAG or fiber laser systems.  

However, today even a low powered laser engraver (40W or less) is enough to engrave, etch or positively mark metals that have been painted or coated with a metal marking solution like Cermark or Thermark. The following metals are commonly etched or marked with CO2 laser machines:

  •    anodized aluminum
  •    stainless steel
  •    painted brass
  •    painted steel
  •    Alumamark

Unlike a YAG or fiber lasers that produce a laser beam at much smaller wavelengths (and thus not easily absorbed by organic materials) CO2 lasers are ideally suited for all types of applications. Now with the added benefit of coating or treating metal there is not much limitation as to the materials a CO2 laser can etch, engrave or cut.

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Application images are used as a visual to demontstrate the various types of materials that a CO2 laser can enrgave, etch, or cut.  Images may or may not be actual materials processed by Boss Laser.