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"My BOSS laser cutter was delivered just last week - and I am very satisfied.  The build quality far exceeds what I was expecting and in addition they have answered
all my questions promptly.
 So, I'm very happy with my decision to go through with my purchase with Boss Laser."

Cary Yates - Manassas, VA




Going on a Year and Still Love It


"I bought my machine almost a year ago.I have had many issues but 99 percent of the time it was user error. The customer support has always been patient friendly and very helpful.I went back to their facility last week and they put a tech on my laser machine and addressed every issue I had .The whole time I was there all the employess and owners checked to see if I needed anything .I was even offered a drink .This is the kind of people I love doing business with. From the day I bought the machine till today I am very pleased with the laser cutter, the company and mostly their employees. If your starting a company hopefully you can hire employees like those that work at Boss.
Keep up the great work and Thanks again.

Danny & Kim Garrett -Plant City, FL



Great product & customer service

I had a great experience with BOSS. I had a little trouble with the operation after the guy left from training us, I called them up and they walked me through and haven't had trouble since.
Very easy fix, just beginners problems. The laser runs flawlessly still haven't really tested its abilities yet, or learned all the keys in the program.
Look forward to doing a lot more with it.  Awesome product.

Chris M.



Should you have questions or need help with understanding or trouble shooting your new BOSS laser cutter or laser accessory our technical support department is here to help.  If you should call after hours or during a holiday or weekend you can email or leave us a voicemail and we'lll get back with you typically within a few hours. We understand that buying a laser cutter is just the beginning.  We want to make sure that as our client you become acclimated to understanding the basics of your laser machine quickly and easily.  Once you receive the machine we have provided a user manual with each laser machine along with an 888 toll free number that will ensure that you get your  machine set up and questions answered.  You can also access
our 'how-to' videos that offer support with the most common set up or technical challenges that you might experience.  You can click here to view our how to laser cutter vids.  Additionally, should you have something that may fall outside of these help videos our technical staff also have shorter more detailed videos to address about any issue you have.   Again, as
our client we are glad to serve you with a machine backed by support that can help you accomplish your personal or business objectives both now and into the future.   We can be reached at (888) 652.1555 or via email at our Contact Us page.