Years ago it was wood working class, today more and more schools and universities are staying more cutting edge via. CO2 laser technology. The study of laser cutters and engraver applications inside school walls is being effectively utilized to teach all types of design applications including industrial, construction, interior and textile design as well as model making. Because of its versatility some schools not only use it in their curriculum but also practically to create awards for faculty staff and of course the students.

Laser engraving machines are steadily growing in popularity and coming down in price. Their popularity in scholastic environments is due to their ability to captivate the students' attention and creative genius to creatively engrave, etch, or cut designs into all types of materials including:

  •    - acrylic
  •    - wood
  •    - fabric
  •    - glass
  •    - paper
  •    - treated metals

The good news is that unlike CNC machines that necessitate programming knowledge, Boss Laser machines offer a line of co2 and fiber laser cutters and engravers allow you to design and print with your favorite graphics software like CorelDraw or AutoCad.

Softer wood types such as balsa wood require a lower laser power and can in turn be cut at higher speeds. Whereas dense, hard woods will require more power. Generally speaking, CO2 lasers of 100 watts are capable of laser cutting up to 1/2 inch of wood and 250W up to 1 inch.

Schools and universities can offer students a quality laser at an affordable price with full support. We strive to support our customers in acquiring he best laser machine for their unique application. Whether it's laser engraving, cutting, marking, or imaging we are here to help you advance your students' dreams.

Contact us if you would like to receive laser samples, or demonstation of Boss Laser systems and how it can benefit your educational environment.