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CO2 laser machines have been predominantly the work horse of the laser material processing industry. How does a CO2 laser tube work? In short a photonic laser beam is generated when CO2 gases inside a sealed tube are excited by electrical energy. The laser emits this electrical energy in the form of an invisible, infrared, laser, light beam that is powerful and focused and can be used for material cutting, engraving, and marking. CO2 lasers will generally produce a wavelength of 10.6 µm and range from 10 to several thousand kilowatts. This wavelength offers a laser beam with high absorption rates with organic or non-metal materials such as wood, plastics, paper, fabrics, glass, to name a few.

If you're looking for THE best laser tube for sale whether its for a new laser cutter or a tube replacement for an existing laser you already own you've come to the right place. We always test to ensure we deliver the best quality co2 laser tube with respect to power output, quality beam diameter, profile, and divergence.

Beam quality starts with a quality beam diameter. In this case the smaller, more focused your spot size is the better quality you'll see engraving and cutting. Although, the laws of physics limit the size in that the laser beam can't be focused any less than the size of the beams wavelength. The wavelength for a co2 laser beam is roughly 10 microns or .01mm. But, to maximize the power and clarity of your laser cutting and engraving the laser beam spot size has to be clean, small, and as round as the laws of physics will allow. Laser tubes producing an out of round or oval-shaped beam will degrade the cutting and engraving quality substantially.

At our laser tube lab testing station we test not only for beam quality but each tube is subjected to a watt meter tests to confirm the proper power (wattage) is achieved. Under normal use our co2 laser tubes are backed by our 1 year warranty beginning the day of receipt. Special care is taken to package each tube securely so that it arrives safely. Expedited shipping is readily available upon request.

Whether you want a 60, 100, or 150 watt laser tube Boss laser tubes offer greater longevity, power, stability, and beam quality compared to competing foreign brands. If you have questions please contact us via email or during business hours at (407) 878.0880.