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Laser machine videos will give you much more up close and informative review of a particular laser cutter and how it processes material during operation. Most still images of laser machines processing material will only serve to give you a one dimensional view and a very limited one at that. Some of the features videos offer a better understanding include the size and flexibility of the engraving area. Does the engraving area offer room for larger materials to slide or pass through? If not your material size will be limited to the size of the engraving area.  How does the laser handle smoke and debris around the laser head? How fast and loud is the machine!?

Another consideration is the speed and detail of the finished product. Laser cutting videos will allow you to see the speed and hopefully smooth motion of the laser head as it moves within the XY gantry. You will be able to see the movement from multiple angles noticing features such as the laser heads auto focus, use of the lasers LCD panel, how the laser software interfaces with the laser, how the fume extraction system works and if you're getting started how to set up the laser once you receive the machine.

The laser videos will not only demonstrate a laser cutters features but also instructional, "how-to" type vids that will detail step-by-step how you can troubleshoot a problem, perform preventative maintenance, replace a part, and even tips on how you can get the most out of your laser. If you buy a laser cutter from Boss Laser we also have secured private videos for all of our clients to use that cover almost any type of issue you come across. We are happy and looking forward to serving you and your business in the future.