• $4,997.00

    BOSS LS-1416

    <p>If you're looking for a professional grade desktop, laser engraving or cutting machine to inspire your small business or DIY projects, then Boss' LS-1416/20 may be the best laser machine under $5K on the market today. Get <strong>4X more speed and 1.5X more CO2 power</strong> vs. competing hobby lasers. <strong>CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: Upgrade to LS-1420 Get a FREE 70W Power Upgrade &amp; Mobile Stand&nbsp; - $424 Value!</strong></p>

  • $7,997.00

    BOSS LS-1630

    <p>Designed &amp; engineered by Boss the LS-1630 offers a popular 16x30" engraving area with optional Boss <strong>X-Series&trade;</strong> 70 or 105W CO2 laser tube. Drive system includes <strong>Hybrid Servo Drive&trade; motors giving you 4X more speed vs stepper motors.</strong>&nbsp; Includes 2021 <strong>LightBURN&trade;</strong> Made-in-USA laser software that is both intuitive and feature rich. <strong>Free GEN3 Rotary Upgrade! $597 Value - Ends Nov 30th.</strong></p>