Two of the most popular materials processed by laser machines is wood and acrylic. Boss machines offer generous power upgrade options and material handling flexibility for both materials. See our most popular platforms below...

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  1. BOSS LS-1416

    BOSS LS-1416

    CALL ABOUT OUR BLACK NOVEMBER INCENTIVES. The LS-1416 Gen-5 laser engraver offers maximum power and more engraving work space than the common 16x12" platforms. Comes standard with premium U.S. optics, 50W CO2 laser tube or Upgrade to our new 65W tube rated an estimated 5,000 hours.. FREE POWER UPGRADE WITH PURCHASE OF LS-1420 UPGRADE - BLACK NOVEMBER ONLY!
  2. BOSS LS-1620

    BOSS LS-1620

    CALL ABOUT OUR BLACK NOVEMBER OFFERS. The LS-1620 CO2 laser cutting engraving machine offers more material space and more power. Customize your machine and upgrade to the 65W or 100W co2 tube and power supply. The 1620 includes free premium This month - CorelDraw 2019 Graphics Suite premium laser design software.
  3. BOSS LS-1630

    BOSS LS-1630

    CALL ABOUT OUR NEW BLACK NOVEMBER INCENTIVES. The LS-1630 offers a popular sized engraving area with the option to choose from a 65W to 100W CO2 tube. Designed & Engineered by Boss and built to last. Now includes 2019 CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and U.S. manufactured optics.
  4. BOSS LS-2436

    BOSS LS-2436

    CALL ABOUT OUR NEW BLACK NOVEMBER INCENTIVES. Boss' industrial laser cutters begin with the GEN 5 - LS-2436. The higher power and larger format offers more material space and the ability to cut thicker material. Includes Premium 2019 CorelDRAW Graphics Suite laser design software, U.S. made focal lenses, with WIN 10 compatibility.
  5. BOSS LS-3655

    BOSS LS-3655

    CALL ABOUT OUR NEW BLACK NOVEMBER INCENTIVES. The latest Gen-5 BOSS LS-3655 offers a 14.5% larger engraving area compared to the standard 48x36" platforms. Free premium 2019 CorelDRAW Graphic Suite software and USA made American Photonics focal lenses.