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Boss' industrial laser cutters are NOW IN STOCK! and begin with the GEN 5 - LS-2436. The higher power and larger format offers more material space and the ability to cut thicker material. Includes Premium 2021 LightBURN™ All-In-One Software Package Works with WIN, Mac OS, and Linux.

Turbo Drive™ Servo Motors option provides up to 5X Speed vs. Stepper motors! FREE Laser Power Upgrade with Turbo Drive Upgrade - $2,200 Value - FREE FOR OCT!



BOSS LS-2436

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industrial laser cutter 2436


  • Upgrade to Full Turbo Drive™ Servo Motors and get up to 5X more speed vs Steppers - 2,000 mm or or 79"/sec
  • Equipped with Boss' X-Series 80W CO2 laser tube w/ optional 105W or 150W upgrade
  • NEW! Made In The USA 2021 LightBURN™ Software. The BOSS edition offers an All-In-One laser control software package that offers direct print capability, camera ready, and works with Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.
  • New! Features 4 material "Tru-Pass-Thru" points for greater material processing- SEE VID ABOVE
  • NEW! Auto Focus function automatically calibrates the distance between the material and laser for optimum focus.
  • NEW! Inline Beam Combiner precisely illuminates a red dot over the material for improved accuracy and alignment
  • NEW! U.S. optics. Our tests prove 14% beam transmission improvement vs. imported optics.
  • Wi-Fi or USB connectivity to PC Option
  • Illuminated LCD panel for automated laser head control .
  • Motorized Z-Table lowers Z-axis 7" for larger materials.
  • Optional Water Chiller w/pump (CW-3000 or 5000) keeps water flowing thru CO2 Tube at ambient temperature.
  • Includes Large 260 CFM exhaust fan w/ venting + Max air compressor for air assist at laser head.
  • Convenient vacuum table under the Z-table collects finished product into sliding tray.
  • Both Honey Comb and Knife Blade Platform included for securing maximum material capacity
  • CNC machined parts in stock for long term service and reliability
  • Upgraded ball bearing Y axis guide rails ensures smooth & precise laser head movement
  • Optional Rotary chuck or roller attachment for etching cylindrical objects
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, or Linux (32 or 64-bit) Operating Systems
  • Dedicated USA technical support from qualified service technicians and engineers.
  • Free Lifetime Tech Support via. phone, email, chat, or remote computer access!
  • 30 Day Optional Return Policy.
  • 2-Year Warranty covers parts replacement including the Laser Tube.
  • LTL shipping shipping not included in price. Call for shipping quote.
  • If you have more questions, please call us at 407.878.0880

If you're looking for a more turn-key setup, then our BossONE all-in-one laser set up option will get you set up with the optimal pc for your laser. This package offers a powerful Windows 10 laptop pre-installed with Boss' laser interface - Laser Works version 8.


Cutting Area 35.4" x 23.6" or 39.75" x 23.6"
Work Table Capacity 300lb. static 200lb. lifting
Laser Power 80W, 105W or 150W options
Software Interface 2021 LightBURN Software
Material Capability Organics / non-metals + pre-treated metals
Machine Dimensions 81.1"L x 46.5"W x 44.5"H (with 150W tube extension)
Motor type Nema Stepper or Turbo Drive™ Servos - 2,000mm or 79"/sec
Venting Attachments Air exhaust fan with venting pipe
Material platform Equipped with Honeycomb & Knife Blade cutting platforms
Z table Motorized Z (7 in. adjustable)
Net Weight 1,300 lbs.
Power Supply Standard AC 110V (220V upon request)
OS Compatibility Windows, Mac OS, or Linux (32 or 64-bit)
Software Interface LightBURN
Laser / PC Connectivity USB connect or WiFi option
Job Memory Capacity 128mb via. USB flash drive
Crate Dimensions / Gross Weight 86" L X 54"W x 50"H / 1,300#
Warranty 24 months (includes parts & CO2 glass tube)
Class Class 4 laser


What materials can you cut and engrave
  • machine series
  • LS
  • FM
  • laser cutting
  • acrylic
  • wood
  • leather
  • plastics
  • fabric
  • mdf
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • corian
  • foam
  • fiberglass
  • rubber
  • aluminum
  • copper
  • silver
  • gold
  • steel
  • CO2
  • machine series
  • LS
  • FM
  • mark/engrave
  • acrylic
  • wood
  • leather
  • plastics
  • fabric
  • rubber
  • cork
  • brick
  • phenolic
  • melamine
  • glass
  • granite
  • marble
  • tile
  • aluminum*
  • silver
  • steel
  • brass
  • titanium
  • CO2




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What Can You Do with a Laser Cutter? 

Just like you would use your PC to send jobs to print on an inkjet printer you can also use your PC to send jobs to a laser cutter. However, unlike a normal printer that only prints on paper laser cutting machinery can cut or engrave almost any type of organic material as well as treated or painted metals. Some of the more popular materials that you can laser cut or engrave are: anodized aluminum, wood, acrylic, leather, stone, fabric, plastics, glass and much more. In fact many of the samples we process for client evaluation involve materials that we never would have believed to be laserable.

Laser Cutting Opportunities

Aside from laser cutting materials some of the popular laser cutting markets or business opportunities include: Signage and name badges, trophies and rewards, treated steel, personalized wood products, ceramic gift items, and corporate novelties, rubber stamps, barcodes, etched mirrors and glass, fabrics and clothing, Industrial labels and tags, plastics and acrylic, cut outs, and etched marble tops.

These represent some of the more popular laser markets although that by no means is an exhaustive list. The truth your only limited by your imagination and motivation to design and create. We are consistently surprised by clients who email or send us their latest laser cut project or creative. In fact we hold competitions for our clients just to see what our laser machines are capable of.

Unique Difference 

Our LS-2436 offers several unique features that were derived from client feedback as well as from the recommendations our own engineers and technicians. Most notably the 4-way material pass through areas allow clients to expand the processing or work area of the machine. No longer are you confined to a 24x36" work area. Now you can slide materials into the front and extend it out the back as well as from side to side effectively giving you an almost limitless engraving area. All can be done using auto focus or without having to level the work table.

If you would like to know more or have questions on how a laser cutter works for your specific application give us a call at:  (888) 652.1555.