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Boss' LSR Hybrid™ offers an all-in-one solution for milling, laser, and optional ADA compliant Braille signage tool. Extremely capable of processing a wide array of metal and non-metal materials the LSR Hybrid is designed, engineered, and made in the USA. Customize your optimum table, tool, and power options below...



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Boss LSR Hybrid

LSR HYBRID Includes:

  • Hybrid CNC Spindle and CO2 laser (with optional Braille pen) for processing BOTH metal & non-metal materials
  • Call to schedule an on-site demonstration at our location in Sanford, FL!
  • Work table options: 4x4', 4x8', 5x10, and 6x12'
  • 2.2 KW 3 HP Spindle with optional 4 HP upgrade w/ ATC & Tool Rack options
  • Variable 3,000-24,000 RPM options
  • Boss X-Series 100 watt laser power (150W upgrade option) for vector and raster laser processing
  • Integrated Teknic closed loop Servo motors
  • Helical rack & pinion drive for smooth transition, speed and higher load capacity
  • 10:1 planetary gear box - optional speed & precision reductions available
  • High Precision linear guide rails supporting tolerances up to .001"
  • Hybrid NewFangled™ Industrial Control Software plus All-In-One Hybrid 3D CAM by CADlink.
  • American Photonics manufactured optics. Proven 14% beam transmission improvement vs. imported lenses.
  • Optional Braille Pen & inserter with CADlink™ translator program
  • Micro Misting system for tempering high temps, lubrication and chip evacuation
  • Industrial Refrigerated Water Chiller w/ temperature alert
  • Motorized laser head (z-axis) provides vertical movement - up to 4" for taller objects
  • Flexible 4x4' knife bladed platform for metal and non-metal processing (optional flat aluminum platform available)
  • Optional 2.2KW downdraft / vacuum centrifugal pumps
  • Quality CNC machined parts in stock for long term service and reliability
  • Windows 10 compatible with optional All-in-One PC
  • 4 adjustable feet and locking casters for uneven floors and mobility
  • Dedicated USA technical support from qualified tech's and engineers
  • FREE Lifetime Tech Support. We can serve you via. phone, email, chat, or remote computer access!
  • On-Site Tech support available
  • Pick-up service available at our Orlando, FL facility
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • 2- Year Warranty covers all parts with 1-year on the laser tube.
  • Discounted onsite, professional Install and Training for a full day
  • NOTE: Delivery requirements: Client offloads machine from flatbed truck
  • Call 1.407.878.0880 to speak to one of our sales engineers
  • BOSS LASER is an ISO-9001 Registered Company


Base Cutting Area 58" x 58" Z=4.5" U=4" (optional upgrades)
Spindle 2.2 KW 3 HP w/ Options up to 12HP + ATC
Precision Tolerances up to .001"
Laser Power 100W to 150W options
Software Interface NewFangled Industrial
Material Capability Metal & Non-Metal
Machine Dimensions 84"L x 79"W x 52"H
Motor type American Teknic servos
Z-table Z axis - 2" telescoping laser head
Material Platform Flexible Knife Blade cutting platform w/ Optional rugged aluminum surface
Vacuum Pumps Optional upgrade 2.2kw centrifugal
Gross Power 1500 Watts / 20 amps
Gross Weight 1,250 lbs.
Power Supply Premium AC 110V
OS Compatibility Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit)
Laser / PC Connectivity USB or WiFi connect
Software / Tool Add-On's Braille Pen w/ Translation program
Warranty 24 months (parts only with1-year on laser tube)
Class Class 4 laser


What materials can you cut and engrave
  • machine series
  • LS
  • FM
  • laser cutting
  • acrylic
  • wood
  • leather
  • plastics
  • fabric
  • mdf
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • corian
  • foam
  • fiberglass
  • rubber
  • aluminum
  • copper
  • silver
  • gold
  • steel
  • CO2
  • machine series
  • LS
  • FM
  • mark/engrave
  • acrylic
  • wood
  • leather
  • plastics
  • fabric
  • rubber
  • cork
  • brick
  • phenolic
  • melamine
  • glass
  • granite
  • marble
  • tile
  • aluminum*
  • silver
  • steel
  • brass
  • titanium
  • CO2




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