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Laser Fume Extraction Systems

If you currently own or you're looking at buying a laser cutting, engraving, or marking machine you know the importance of maintaining a clear air environment. As the laser cutter is processing material it will simultaneously be exhausting particulate and gaseous volatile organic compounds also known as VOC's through the machines exhaust vent. As the laser beam thermally obliterates or decomposes material smoke, fumes, and minute particulates the size of 1 micron or less are scattered throughout the immediate working environment. It is important that these VOC's are removed since prolonged exposure can be dangerous. In fact according to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) several thousand people die annually due to prolonged vapors, fumes, and dust exposure. At same time well over half a million work days were lost respiratory issues. An effective Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system can easily remove VOC's preventing workers from inhaling.

Current legislation mandates that US fume extraction manufacturers have their systems approved and tested via. the CSA or UL governing body before being sold to the public. Along side of the legal mandates employers can realize a much safer and productive workplace when employees are working in a clean air environment. A laser fume extraction system will connect to the laser machine and filtrate the VOCs before recirculating back into the environment. Without such a system you would need to exhaust the VOC's out doors much like you would with a residential dryer set up.

After set up it is important to maintain the filtration medias whether they be HEPA and/or charcoal based. Both the frequency of use and material type will determine how often they will need to be cleaned or replaced. Also, most fume extractors noise levels range from 20 to 80 dBA. If you have questions about laser fume extraction systems feel free to call or email us today.