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Laser optics are much more sensitive to scratching and abrasions compared to glass.  It's important proper cleaning methods are used for handling and cleaning.  Boss' cleaning and protection kit  has been organized to help you perform this routine task quickly and easily.   Preserve your laser's power and protect your focal lens investment with the Boss Laser Optics Cleaning Kit .


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If you're researching how to keep you laser focal lenses clean then Boss' focal lens cleaning kit will help. Use it to extend the life and efficiency of your co2 laser ZnSe (Zinc Selenide) focal lenses with this DIY optical lens cleaning kit.   

The lens cleaning kit includes: 

  • Optics Cleaning Guide offers step-by-step visual instructions
  • Air Bulb for blowing off any dust, dirt, or tiny particles
  • Cotton Balls (24 count) used for applying polishing compound
  • Cotton Swabs (24 count) used for applying isopropyl alcohol
  • Latex Finger Cots (24 count) protect the focal lens when handling
  • Lens Mats (24 count)  used as a protective surface when cleaning
  • Distilled water (15 ml) bottle for applying measured droplets 
  • Polishing Compound necessary for oil and grease removal
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (Reagent Grade, 60ml) removes compound
  • Acetone (Reagent Grade, 60ml) for final cleaning

The cleaner your focal lens the more power can be transmitted through the lens to efficiently process material.  If you have any questions feel free to call us.


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