Laser engraving firearms is one of the hottest markets due to the increasing demand for gun customization. Depending on whether your wanting to laser engrave the gun stock, grip, barrel or magazine the following machines should get you pointed in the right direction...

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  1. BOSS LS-1630

    BOSS LS-1630

    The LS-1630 offers a popular sized engraving area with the option to choose from a 65W to 100W CO2 tube. Designed & Engineered by Boss and built to last. Now 2019 CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and U.S. manufactured optics included.
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    Boss FM Desktop

    Boss FM Desktop



    20-50 watt galvanometer fiber laser enables you to quickly and permanently mark or etch firearms, tools, metal parts, jewelry, bar codes, serial numbers, even industrial polymers. See Fiber Marker Videos below...