Sign Engraving

Boss Laser engravers and cutters are ideal for laser processing wood and acrylic signage as well as cut out inlays or letters to be placed on signs. With high resolution image files you can etch clear and professional looking text messages for office and door signs, name plates, badges plaques, announcement displays, warning signs, custom wooden or acrylic signs and much more.

Boss Laser machines are designed for either small scale hobby projects or for larger professional applications where you will need to engrave large quantities of signs economically and efficiently. Some of the more common engraved sign materials include:

  •    - acrylic plastic
  •    - wood
  •    - glass
  •    - coated metals
  •    - marble
  •    - anodized aluminum
  •    - wood veneer
  •    - fiberglass
  •    - painted metals
  •    - tile
  •    - rubber
  •    - foam core

CO2 laser engravers are also capable of marking or engraving metal signs made of stainless steel, chrome steel tools, and titanium by coating each with CerMark solution.

Feel free to contact us for information about our laser systems or to receive engraved samples to see what a finished product might look like.

Images are used as visual to show types of materials that a laser cutter can produce.  Some images may or may not be actual materials processed by Boss Laser