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The GEN 5 - HP-5598 is offers an extra wide working platform of 55 x 98 inches (1400mm x 2500mm) or optional 5x10' upgrade. Designed and Engineered at Boss the CO2 powered 5598 can Vector cut and Raster engrave both metal & non-metal materials. Includes upgraded USA optics, and LightBURN™ All-In-One software. 2-YEAR FULL WARRANTY.

NEW! Turbo Drive™ Servo Motors that provide up to 5X Speed vs. Stepper motors! FREE Turbo Drive™ Upgrade - $2,200 Value - Free in OCT!



BOSS HP-5598

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large platform laser cutter 5598

HP-5598 Includes:

  • This month: Full Turbo Drive™ Servo Motors for up to 5X more speed (2,000 mm or or 79"/sec) vs. Steppers
  • Dual laser head design for BOTH vector & raster processing metal & non-metal materials - SEE VIDEO ABOVE
  • Schedule an on-site demonstration at our location in Sanford, FL!
  • Capable of cleanly cutting 18 ga Stainless steel (1.02mm)
  • Max sheet width (material) capacity: 57"wide
  • Includes both the Flex™ and the new VectorDC™ reciprocating auto focus laser heads for clean raster and deep cutting
  • Hand Held Remote control for ease of use
  • NEW! Made In The USA 2021 LightBURN™ Software. The BOSS edition offers an All-In-One laser control software package that offers direct print capability, camera ready, and works with Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.
  • Wi-Fi or USB connection to PC Option
  • Dual illuminated LCD panels for automated laser head control
  • Standard power includes 150W
  • LaserCAD laser driver / software designed for vector and raster processing
  • NEW! USA manufactured optics. Proven 14% beam transmission improvement vs. imported lenses.
  • 120 psi rated laser head w/ 1/4" high pressure air lines and hardware
  • Free Industrial Refrigerated Water Chiller w/ temperature alert
  • Motorized laser head (z-axis) provides vertical movement - up to 2" for taller objects
  • 4x8' knife bladed platform for metal and non-metal processing
  • Vacuum table conveniently captures finished product into sliding trays
  • Improved exhaust ports for fume extraction includes dual bottom mounts w/ optional gantry mounted ports
  • Quality CNC machined parts in stock for long term service and reliability
  • X/Y linear axis guide rails promotes smooth & precise laser head movement
  • 4 adjustable feet and locking casters for uneven floors and mobility
  • Dedicated USA technical support from qualified tech's and engineers
  • FREE Lifetime Tech Support. We can serve you via. phone, email, chat, or remote computer access!
  • On-Site Tech support available
  • Pick-up service available at our Orlando, FL facility
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • 2-Year Warranty covers CO2 Laser machine and power tube.
  • Discounted onsite, professional Install and Training for a full day
  • NOTE: You will need to be able to offload 2,500lb crate from LTL truck (usually flat bed)
  • Call 1.407.878.0880 to speak to one of our sales engineers

Looking for a quick, turn-key setup? Check out our BOSS ONE all-in-one laser package. This package includes a new, Win 10 PC pre-installed with the laser software so you can start producing right away.

NOTE: O2 assist is required to cut metal O2 tanks not included.


Cutting Area 55.1" x 94.5"
Laser Power 150W to 200+W options
Software Interface LightBURN™ design software
Material Capability Organics & Stainless steel
Machine Dimensions 132"L x 84"W x 46.5"H
Motor type Turbo Drive™ Servos - 2,000mm or 79"/sec
Z-table Z axis - 2" telescoping laser head
Material Platform Equipped with Knife Blade cutting platform
Venting Attachments Dual Air exhaust fan with venting pipe w/ optional gantry mounted ports
Gross Power 1500 Watts / 20 amps
Net Weight 2,800 lbs.
Power Supply Premium AC 110V
OS Compatibility Windows, Mac OS, Linux - (32 or 64 bit)
Laser / PC Connectivity USB or WiFi connect
Job Memory Capacity 128mb via. USB flash drive
Warranty 24 months (includes parts & CO2 tube)
Class Class 4 laser


What materials can you cut and engrave
  • machine series
  • LS
  • FM
  • laser cutting
  • acrylic
  • wood
  • leather
  • plastics
  • fabric
  • mdf
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • corian
  • foam
  • fiberglass
  • rubber
  • aluminum
  • copper
  • silver
  • gold
  • steel
  • CO2
  • machine series
  • LS
  • FM
  • mark/engrave
  • acrylic
  • wood
  • leather
  • plastics
  • fabric
  • rubber
  • cork
  • brick
  • phenolic
  • melamine
  • glass
  • granite
  • marble
  • tile
  • aluminum*
  • silver
  • steel
  • brass
  • titanium
  • CO2




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