If you are design sensitive and need your creatives to be done with precision then the following laser machines represent our most popular among the arts and crafts industry.

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  1. BOSS HP-5598

    BOSS HP-5598

    The GEN 5 - HP-5598 is offers an extra wide working platform of 55 x 98 inches (1400mm x 2500mm) or optional 5x10' upgrade. Designed and Engineered at Boss the CO2 powered 5598 can Vector cut and Raster engrave both metal & non-metal materials. Includes upgraded USA optics, and LightBURN™ All-In-One software. 2-YEAR FULL WARRANTY.

    NEW! Turbo Drive™ Servo Motors that provide up to 5X Speed vs. Stepper motors! FREE Turbo Drive™ Upgrade - $2,200 Value - Free in OCT!

  2. BOSS LS-1416

    BOSS LS-1416

    The LS-1416 Gen-5 laser engraver is one of our best reviewed lasers. Offering more power and engraving work space than the common 20x12" platforms the LS/1416 or 1420 comes standard with

    high speed Hybrid Servo Motors + FREE Upgrade to our new X-Series 70W tube +2 Year Warranty - $477 value! Ends Oct 31

  3. BOSS LS-1620

    BOSS LS-1620

    The LS-1620 CO2 laser cutting engraving machine offers more material space and more power, and hybrid servo drives for high speed processing! Customize your machine and upgrade to the 70W or 105W co2 tube and power supply. The 1620 includes free premium Hybrid Servo Drives provides up to 3X speed and acceleration vs. stepper motors.
  4. BOSS LS-1630

    BOSS LS-1630

    The LS-1630 is offers a popular sized engraving area with the option to choose from a 70W to 105W CO2 tube. Designed & Engineered by Boss and built to last.

    Now includes Hybrid Servo Drives - 3X faster vs. Stepper motors - 1,300mm/sec!

  5. BOSS LS-2436

    BOSS LS-2436

    Boss' industrial laser cutters are NOW IN STOCK! and begin with the GEN 5 - LS-2436. The higher power and larger format offers more material space and the ability to cut thicker material. Includes Premium 2021 LightBURN™ All-In-One Software Package Works with WIN, Mac OS, and Linux.

    Turbo Drive™ Servo Motors option provides up to 5X Speed vs. Stepper motors! FREE Laser Power Upgrade with Turbo Drive Upgrade - $2,200 Value - FREE FOR OCT!