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  1. FiltraBOX Expand X-2

    FiltraBOX Expand X-2

    New, FiltraBOX Expand X2 fume extraction system incorporates pre-HEPA F9 Glass filtration, HEPA filters, and Activated Coconut Shell filter to recirculate clean air.
  2. FiltraBOX Compact X

    FiltraBOX Compact X

    Our affordable, multi-stage laser fume extraction system incorporates pre-HEPA F9 Glass filtration, HEPA filters, and Activated OXY-Carbon to filter and recirculate clean air. Made In North America for BOSS' Laser cutters.
  3. Micro


    Our most economical multi-stage fume extraction system is made for our small, entry level Boss Laser machines. Exciting new Ultra-Slim design and form factor offers a new and easy way to extract the most from your laser. Made In North America for BOSS.
  4. CW-6000 water chiller

    CW-6000 water chiller

    A cool tube keeps your power stable and longer lasting. The CW-6000 is recommended for laser tubes of 150W or more.
  5. Purex FumeBuster

    Purex FumeBuster

    Our affordable, 3-stage laser fume extraction system by Purex incorporates pre-HEPA filtration, HEPA filters, and Activated Carbon to filter and recirculate clean air.
  6. BOSSMOD™ - Rotary Attachment Chuck

    BOSSMOD™ - Rotary Attachment Chuck


    Introducing BOSS' new patent pending BOSSMOD™ professional grade CHUCK rotary system for laser cutters. Designed, engineered, and assembled here at Boss. Thanks to great user feedback our new and improved chuck rotary lets you engrave or etch virtually any cylindrically shaped object. Roller Module sold separately...

  7. CW-5200 water chiller

    CW-5200 water chiller

    A cool tube translates to more consistent power and a longer life. The CW-5200 is recommended for laser tubes of 90W or more.
  8. CW-3000 Water Chiller

    CW-3000 Water Chiller

    Highly efficient and quiet water chiller for CO2 Laser machines between 40 and 60 watts.
  9. BOSSMOD™ - Rotary Attachment Roller

    BOSSMOD™ - Rotary Attachment Roller

    Designed, engineered, and assembled by BOSSlaser - the BOSSMOD™ roller attachments significantly enhances the base (chuck rotary) rotary capability for laser processing cylindrical objects.
  10. California Air Tools 8010

    California Air Tools 8010

    By popular demand the CALIFORNIA AIR TOOLSTM 8010 offers an Ultra Quiet & Oil-Free Air Compressor and ideal for BOSS laser systems. Designed to be one of the quietest air compressors in the industry at 60 db of sound, the powerful 1.0 HP motor operates at 1680 RPM translating to less wear and noise. This air compressor is ideal for anyone working inside where keeping noise to a minimum is a priority. The Oil-less Dual Piston Pump action is engineered for high performance and long term usability. The CAT-8010 Air Compressor also offers an Oil-Free Dual Piston pump designed to generate at least 3000+ hours versus similar priced pumps that can only guarantee 500 hours or less. The large 8.0 Gallon Air Tank is made of steel but also lightweight at only 54 pounds. The mobility of the wheel kit for quick and smooth mobility.
  11. Fiber & CO2 Optic Safety Glasses

    Fiber & CO2 Optic Safety Glasses

    2021 Fiber and CO2 laser safety eyewear - 800 to 1100nm
  12. HP Oxygen Regulator Kit

    HP Oxygen Regulator Kit

    Air regulator kit for HP series laser cutters
  13.  Laser Focusing lenses

    Laser Focusing lenses

    Premium focal lens options from BOSS are Made in the USA. These 20mm diameter focus lenses will enable high quality engraving and precise cutting for your laser engraving or cutting application.
  14. Laser Air Pump

    Laser Air Pump

    This quiet, brushless, oil-less air pump does well to assist most smaller CO2 laser engravers. The oil-less diaphragm eliminates damaging and harmful effects of moisture on the laser head optics. Also works to maintain optimal air pressure to blow away vaporized particles while preventing the machine from overheating.
  15. Focal Lens Cleaning Kit

    Focal Lens Cleaning Kit


    Laser optics are much more sensitive to scratching and abrasions compared to glass.  It's important proper cleaning methods are used for handling and cleaning.  Boss' cleaning and protection kit  has been organized to help you perform this routine task quickly and easily.   Preserve your laser's power and protect your focal lens investment with the Boss Laser Optics Cleaning Kit .


  16. CO2 Metal Marking Spray

    CO2 Metal Marking Spray

    C02 laser marking spray for metal allows the laser to permanently mark metals without damaging the substrate. See video below...